Friday, 24 September 2010

No Waiting - Friday Flash 55

My first time joining in with Friday Flash 55.
This is a true story from earlier this week, I hope you have had your breakfast. ;-)

No Waiting

The doctors waiting room was silent until the young child gripping the table holding the magazines yelled. . . Mum. . . Poo!

I stared, expecting the mother to grab her hand and whisk her off to the toilet

. . . then I noticed the childs look of concentration

. . . the red face

. . . and the nappy

and knew it was too late!



Deborah said...

LOL!!!! ... the look of concentration and the red face ... soo funny :o)

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh great stuff! Welcome to Flash 55 Friday! Great to have you aboard - always great to see people joining in such a fun project!

Loved this contribution - a good way to start the day - with a smile! lol!


MorningAJ said...

Oh gross! But very funny :)

Brian Miller said...

oh yeah...way too late...having 2 boys...i dont miss this stage...smiles. nice 55...and welcome to 55s its a blast...

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Whoa...anybody got a clothespin? I seem to have a lingering odor drifting my way!!

"Pop...goes the weasel" is my link to my 55...just scroll down below the Halloween part. I do hope you can find time to visit with me! Have a super Friday, and a blessed weekend.

Claudia said...

uuhhh - that sounds familiar...

G-Man said...

You call that Gross?
I fill my DEPENDS every so often in line at Walmart just to see if people notice.
This Rocked Susannah!
Welcome to the Friday Funfest, I hope you found this to be Creative, Challenging, and FUN!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

septembermom said...

So funny. As a mom of 4, I really get the tension of this one (in every way :)

Monkey Man said...

The red face. What an image and collection of memories you conjure.

My 55 is HERE .

nara malone said...

Yep...sounds like that train left the station;)

great 55

Janna said...

I bet this happens way more than people would like to admit. :)

Yikes! :o

Thanks for doing Friday 55! :)

Mine's been posted here since last night, but it's taken me this long to visit and leave comments. Sorry about that.

John's comments said...

Oh happy memories. Mine was my son spraying all to the world at and on the supermarket cash-desk looking very puzzled as to what was happening - it was his first week without a nappy. Thanks for reading my Friday 55. Hope your week goes well

Susannah said...

Thanks everyone for the great welcome, this was fun!

. . . and G-Man - now THAT is gross! lol

Good to meet you all.

Susannah :-)

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