Monday, 4 October 2010

Where Art Thou Muse - Carry on Tuesday #73

This weeks prompt for Carry On Tuesday is -'Where art thou muse...

Where art thou muse in empty days
when colour and verve have gone
when landscapes are flat and lifeless
and the birds are without song

Where are thou muse in darkest night
when clocks and silence roar
when unwritten pages line the room
and crowd the dusty floor

Where are thou muse when comes the dawn
when light and hope abound
when I am weary now of searching
and I am waiting to be found

Where are thou muse when you disappear
when the shadows coat the land
when I give up hope of your return
and struggle to understand

Where are thou muse in my doubting mind
when I am sure you are trying to hide
when I think you have abandoned me
and then I find you here. . . inside


Carrie Burtt said...

Susannah this is a wonderful poem, that any poet could relate to! I just love it!! :-)

Susannah said...

Thanks very much Carrie. :-)

Meggie said...

I like this poem. My sewing muse has left, taking my writing muse with her.

nimaruichi said...

I totally identify with this. You have here everything I wanted to say (guess I didn’t look inside, hahaha). What I loved is the twist in the end – after all the doubting, all the pleading, all the reproaching, to find that one only needs to look within. So true!

Deborah said...

Just so wonderfully written and the ending is just perfect, I really loved it! :-)

OMJ said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Nanka said...

Great work!! Loved it :)

Elizabeth said...

And thank you for writing. Wonderfully formed and the truth on the end is unmistakable. Well spoken and the flow is great,


gospelwriter said...

Ah yes, inside is where she always turns up - why is that the last place we look? :-) A lovely poem!

nara malone said...

A beautifully crafted piece. Love the ending.

Flying Monkey said...

A lovely poem. I think most if not all the things we're looking for can be found inside ;-)

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