Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Spotlight - Inspired by Three Word Wednesday

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday this week's prompt words are absolve, hiss, ridicule

Your outlandish garb inspires no ridicule
just the sharp hiss of exhaled breath
as you stun with your presence.
Your charisma worn like a cape
drapes in stylish folds
around your frame, concealing
the human beneath the glamour
but it does nothing to absolve you
from their expectations.
You deliver, faultlessly,
inimitably, as you always do,
and your place on the pedestal
is preserved once again.


G. Graham said...

I very much liked this, especially line two. Great poem!

Judy said...

Good use of the words... and a great comment on the stress placed on people in the spotlight. Good job!

Happy Wednesday.

Deborah said...

Absolutely Brilliant!!!!

nimaruichi said...

Can absolutely picture this, well said. (Btw, who did you have in mind when you wrote this?)

Dreamer said...

"your charisma worn like a cape" - like that. Great imagery! Would never have imagined such a poem for this prompt.

jaerose said...

Ooh, who is on this pedestal..Is there some kind of respect there in addition to the dislike? Your writing left me thinking and I could really picture the scene..Jae

R.S. Bohn said...

It's amazing that two people could wear the same outfit, and only one could really pull it off. Everyone stares and loves. Guess that's what makes them a star. That extra element, that charisma. Very nicely phrased.

Lyn Thorne-Alder said...

I love the image I get of the subject: charismatic, perfect, and stuck up there on the pedestal they made for themselves!

ThomG said...

Such great lines in this. Thanks for sharing.

senderupwords said...

Nice write here. Love and Light, Sender

OMJ said...

I imagine someone famous on the red carpet. I think we forget that there really is a "human beneath the glamour."

Tweety said...

i agree...its a task to hide the true human beneath us while in the spotlight...i liked this a lot...speaks of so much :)

Bergamot said...

Awesome one!
i loved this one. So well describes the picture..

Susannah said...

Thanks for reading and for the great comments.

To tell the truth I didn't particularly have anyone in mind when I wrote it, the first line sprang into my head and the rest just followed. lol

I really appreciate the comments, thanks everyone. :-)

Sumit Sarkar said...

A great poem... :)

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