Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Peace inspired by Three Word Wednesday

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday this week's prompt words are fragile, rampant, tremor.


so fragile
has escaped me
it spills through my fingers
rampant, no longer contained
it is free running
and it pours
mounding like
molehills at my feet
I tremor at the thought
of the mountains they will bring

then I put a halt to the rushing tide
I create barriers with my breath
and with the soft brush
of my attention
I sweep and
I gather
all the
peace is
once again
contained inside.


gautami tripathy said...

Glad it is contained in you again...


Deborah said...

So beautifully written, again your words are like music!

aldersprig said...

I love the shape of this poem, and the way the words fall into the shape so seamlessly. Wonderful use of the prompt!

omj said...

Awesome! Amazing image you have created. I'm in awe of your talent.

Sumit Sarkar said...

Peace...this is awesome...I love it... :)

umapoems said...

Nice..amazed at your creativity!

jaerose said...

How lovely to gather peace..I can imagine it being swept into your hands..very captiviating..thanks as ever for your visit..Jae

pia said...

I was so into the design I had to read it a few times. Both are beautiful
And thanks for visiting my blog :)

Shari Smothers said...

Great form--content and shape! It's beautiful imagery for losing and gather peace into yourself. Very nice!

Eye-shuh said...

Perfect vision of peace :)
I like it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog btw <3 said...

Beautifully constructed.. loved the visual as well as the thought!

vivinfrance said...

Like Pia, the design was the first impact, but the poem rewarded re-reading and re-reading.

Olivia said...

Very Beautiful Susannah..!!
Thanks for sharing this.. xox

Jingle said...

prayers, love this.
masterful job.

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