Sunday, 29 August 2010

Saturday Centus Week 17 - Seeing Red continued

Saturday Centus
Take any other Saturday Centus story (yours or someone elses) and using ANOTHER 100 WORDS... tell us the "rest of the story". Please copy and paste the first story so we can read both entries easily.

I am going to follow on from my own Saturday Centus story
Seeing Red from week 15's prompt.


She had gone again.
All tossing hair and slamming doors. She flounced her way down the front path, kicking at strewn toys hastily discarded at teatime when bread and jam took precedence over play. She marched off down the street leaving a trail of heady perfume in her stilletoed wake.

Raised voices from the kitchen proclaimed that it was the last time she would ever be trusted. I listened to them from my perch on the top step and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry as Mum emerged from the kitchen with her arms full of Dads shirts, all now a fetching shade of pink.

Cassie had left a red sock in the washing again.


It was after midnight when I heard her come home.
I cringed as I heard the front door shut with a loud click... she wasn't even trying to be quiet.

I was already nervous, anticipating the icy chill around the breakfast table. I was determined to just keep silent, say nothing.

Morning came and I dawdled, brushing my hair a hundred times as I paced my tiny bedroom.

. . . Cassie arrived at the kitchen door just as I got there.

I just knew there would be trouble as soon as I saw Dad smartly dressed for work in his pink shirt.


Deborah said...

So well written and a brilliant follow up to the first story ... well done you! :o)

Sue said...

I enjoyed this! Well done.


Cheryl said...

Nice job! I actually thought that last line was funny. I'm sick.

short poems said...

I enjoyed it, great work :)

Viki said...

Ohh, this was really a good continuation. I hope we hear more of this story. I'm very interested in what will happen next.

cj Schlottman said...

We all have a "Cassie" in our lives, and you have nailed her!

Kat said...

Perfect! I'm laughing out loud, because our darling daughter did the same thing with a load of white towels. But I've been told that pink bathrooms are all the rage again LOL. Beautifully written, and a perfect segue into the second half of the story. Kat

Tgoette said...

This was great! My daughter did the same thing to me. It took awhile to unload all those pink things but I eventually did. As for her, I let her live. LOL!

Nicely done and a really great continuation of the first!

Jenny said...

Oh hooray! Seamless transition to part two.

Loved the ending. Perfect conclusion to a compelling tale.

Thank you.

Susannah said...

Thanks very much for your comments, they are much appreciated.

...and I am glad that others have us have had the 'pink washing' scenario too! lol

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