Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Yearning for Trees . . .

Written in response to this wonderful image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling

Y E A R N I N G for T R E E S
(to be read aloud)

Oh to be inside that shady bower
where nature holds my hand
where every type of verdant thing
is growing on the land

I long to be amongst the trees
wrapped around with green
breathing in that woodland smell
basking in the scene

To feel that dancing energy
to hear those rustling leaves
to be part of the great tapestry
that mother nature weaves

My first response yet again. . . I loved the picture, I could feel the shimmering energy that nature abounds in. - And I love trees and woodland - can you tell? :-)


Elizabeth said...

And I love your poem. I love trees too, can you tell? This is great and thanks so much for joining in. It really is fun,


Jinksy said...

I can tell, alright! :)

Susannah said...

Thanks both of you, I enjoyed joining in. :-)

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