Thursday, 23 June 2011

As Within, So Without. . .

Written in response to this glorious image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling

With the storm now passed

and my world washed clean

my eyes are opened wide

and I see, as if newborn

a landscape resurrected

my inner world reflected

my tarnished hope reborn

right up there in the sky

and it is beautiful



Jinksy said...

a landscape resurrected
my inner world reflected

Loved double whammy of rhyme and reason!

Elizabeth said...

This is magnificent Susannah. It reads like a meditation, a mantra to remember that there is an after the storm experience that can rejuvinate and holds a promise of more. Thanks so much for finding these words in my image. Wonderful,


Susannah said...

Thanks both. :-)

I was late to this this week but I SO loved this image, that I wanted to join in. These are the words that came as I stared at the image earlier today.

Apart from a few things to sort out my computer is almost back to normal. So I am able to get back online - thank goodness. :-)

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