Sunday, 27 November 2011

Staying Centered

I am the fulcrum around which my life rotates,

I hear the rush and shudder as the cogs turn.

Ruddy and metallic, this movement is vital.

Freed limbs rotate. Idle thoughts rustle.

It is not easy to be mellow and mindful,

in this untidy world of man and machine.

I may sound smug, but I am no longer gullible.

I will continue to ignore the subliminal messages,

pasted onto the detritus and divinity of my life.

And let the spinning wheels slice the sunshine,

into bite size pieces that I can eat.

Written for Wordle 32 at The Sunday Whirl - using all the words. I just let the words take me where they wanted to go. I am not sure if I used Fulcrum correctly though?

Now back to my NaNoWrimo writing! (with any luck I should hit the 50,000 words target by the end of the day.)

I look forward to seeing where these words took everyone else. :-)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Trying not to move. . . .

It was a shallow hollow
in which she kept
her misery.

No depth at all.

In fact
the slightest motion
would set it moving.

Like a mini tidal wave.

Back and forth,
gaining momentum.

Until it would slosh
over the edges
and run
her pensive face

the limescale trails
of its watercourse.

And then
splish, splash
onto the ground.

the shiny shoes
and cheerful gait
of those who were passing.

She tried to keep it inside,
she really did.

But she found
the constant stillness
so very very hard to bear.Link
Written for Three Word Wednesday using the prompt words - Hollow - Misery - Shallow.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Personal Evolution

She'd been trapped,
drowned in silence.
Oblivious to the planet
and its clockwork motion.

She had skated on thin ice,
started fires and left them to smolder.
She was a maverick, a firebrand,
she walked on a knife edge.

She was mindless, oblivious.
Unaware of the great universe,
and the fleeting spark
that was her life.

Until the diamond
of her consciousness,
was honed and polished.
Rough edges smoothed.

Then all of her facets
began to reflect the light.
And her clear eyes shone
with everything she was.

And in the vast blue sky
of her now peaceful mind.
She watched as her thoughts
went floating by like clouds.

Written for The Sunday Whirl. - Wordle 31

I used all of the words. :-)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Looking For a New Day

"For I will run into the great tomorrow and my heart will be fast and my breath will be faster and there will be no time for sharp remembering or mournful cries for what has gone. For I will be running with the wind in my face, dismal concrete underfoot and yesterday behind me snapping at my heels. I will run through the night time city streets, through the neon and dispair, past the boarded windows and the broken glass, past the street lamps and their yellow glare. I will run though my breath may sting my burning chest, for I am running, racing into tomorrow.

And when the hard ground softens and welcomes my pounding steps, and the heavens and its million stars hover above me like a great blanket of glory, still I will run. Towards the mountains, toward the oceans, toward the great tree up there on the ridge that bears my name. I will not slow, I will not falter, I will run into the great tomorrow, and my heart will be fast and my breath will be faster and there will be no time for sharp remembering or mournful cries for what has gone. For I am still running and there will be no rest until at last I am home."

Written for The Real Toads and Kerry's Wednesday Challenge
Image: sb

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Going and then coming back again

________ I am walking a tightrope __________
there's no safety net
for this high wire
up here
all you need
is balance and
a point in space
to fix your eyes upon

I'm surrounded by the vastness
of the pink and coral sky
the altitude loans me

. I . pause . up . here . in . the . empty . air .

m o t i o n l e s s

as I contemplate
my next

I am still and serene
yellow and buzzing
the* * * * * BEES* * * * arrive

***swarming***around***my ***stillness***

and rapidly uNRaveLLing
the sturdy rope
beneath my

They are telling tales so eloquent
that I can not ignore their pointing finger --->
and the cleaning of my perception that comes with their sting <----


And I swivel
(my feet so sure and steady)
and I tread the thin wire I had been walking

back to the solid ground from which I had first stepped out

____ into thin air



Written for The Sunday Whirl using all the words. . .
Hmmm, what makes you think I am avoiding getting started on my nanowrimo novel this morning. :-)

(I had fun and killed quite a lot of time playing with this!)

Hope all you others doing Nanowrimo are being more productive than me this morning! :-) - Susannah x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Plaintive Missive to the Object of His Affection . . .

In dappled light and shade you sit, strident and lovely.
Bearing your wicked beauty like a flag,
you reignite that fickle flame
I thought long doused.

The coral pink pleat of your lips
pull forth a passion long forgotten.
The subtle swish of your skirt, a red flag
to the charging bull of me.

And once again I am lost, intoxicated.
Plunged into delirium by that heady scent you emit.
Unbalanced, as it comes drifting on the sultry air
and unfastens from me, my reason.

You are my laudanum . . .
You are my love . . .

So cover your tender ears, and please pay no mind
to the vicious wail of my wounded and bloody heart.
For the pain you can hear, is that of my piercing,
as I fall upon the broken shell of this fierce longing.

And though its keening pitch may seem extreme,
please forgive me, for I have no way to quieten its sound,
or to still the wild racing of my pulse. As once again
I am slain by that quick sharp sword of your beauty.

This tale of a suitor and the object of his unrequited love was inspired by The Sunday Whirl and the words of wordle 29.

I didn't know whether I would be joining in with any prompts this month, as I am taking part in Nanowrimo for the second year. But I was up early this morning and my plot was eluding me, so here I am. :-)

Please forgive me if my posts and visits are rather sporadic this month, I will be back. - Susannah x
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