Sunday, 27 March 2011



Such a potent word.

Full of what might have been.

Almost, but not quite.

Just a little more

One more push.

So close.


Sunday Scribblings

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Supermarket Car Park - For Three Word Wednesday

For Three Word Wednesday - (prompt words Dual Identical Volley)


The volley of words sent me reeling backwards.

What was this verbal assault and why was it aimed at me? I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and tried to find a calm space amongst the tumultuous feelings that were surging around my body, surfing the adrenaline like waves.

I felt my fingers tighten around the car keys in my trembling hands as I fumbled again to get them into the lock of my car. I needed to get inside, close the door away from the shouting. I needed to gather my composure so that I could think straight.

My precious little car, with its shiny red paintwork, electric windows, and dual braking system, it was my pride and joy, the best present I had ever received. You would understand why if you saw the bucket of rust it had replaced.

But now, they were still shouting at me and I couldn't think straight, I couldn't even hear what they were trying to say. Panic had set in and had only fueled my mounting anxiety and my desire to just get inside my car and get away from this.

Damn I wish my hands weren't shaking so much, I couldn't seem to unlock my car, I knew I should have had central locking, one button and it would be unlocked and I would be safe. Locked inside my leather interior I would be able to think straight, I know I would.

Then I felt the hands on my shoulder, the shouter was there behind me. Tears welled in my eyes and overflowed down my flushing cheeks as I turned to him and screamed. "Leave me alone!"

He recoiled and looked at me in amazement, the shock on his face jolted me. I stopped dead still and stared at his moving lips as the rushing sound in my ears abated. It was then I finally heard what he was saying... "That is my car."

Was he crazy? What did he mean?

I was stunned into silence and looked around at the gathering crowd of people drawn by the raised voices. It was then I saw the identical car two rows down. I saw my dolphin air freshener hanging from its rear view mirror.

It was my car. Oh shit!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

When things fall apart,
(as is the way of things.)
Is it a symptom of error,
that there seem so many things
that can not hold their shape, and
are bound to crumble and fall.

Dilapidation, the buzzword
for all that is no longer whole.
It seems such a negative,
to our transient eyes
that see only surface,
and effects.

Perhaps a wider view
would reveal perfection,
evolution on a grand scale.
The unfolding of the picture
that is constantly being painted.

For things to be alive, to move,
they join a dance of destruction,
things fall, so that others
may take their place.

Change is constant.

It never stops.

Shiva dances,
our planet turns,
and the cycle of life
.... continues.

Written for the Real Toads.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

You Risk Tears

(You risk tears if you let yourself be tamed. )

Who are you, some midnight Mary?
Trains and coffee in your hair.
Wringing out your day old laundry,
Making out that you don't care.

Singing songs of drunken sailors,
Neon flashing, lights to go.
Wearing out your well worn welcome,
Another role, another show.

Rusty railings, silent streets,
Curtains twitching, doors ajar.
Running barefoot, trailing freedom,
Chasing after another star.

Will her voice put paid to terror?
Will his arms contain your song?
Are you destined to keep on moving?
Is staying put, so very wrong?

Years have etched your face with road maps,
Signs and pointers in your eyes.
Star spangled with a certain beauty,
Your charisma makes a good disguise.

So take your leave, on flying horses,
Or greyhound buses, I'll pay your fare.
Don't stay here and start up talking,
The once full cupboard, now is bare.

Written for a prompt at the real toads. :-)
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