Sunday, 30 January 2011

Safety is an illusion

s a f e
Are we ever really safe?
or is that just a delusion
a word to bring us comfort
to instill a sense of being held.

Life is not safe.
Nothing is.

All growth requires risk,
chances taken or refused.

Every moment is sparkling...
tossed up into a sea of atoms.

While we pretend that safety
and Santa Clause, exist
for all good boys and girls.

There is no such a thing.

It shackles us, stifles us,
eliminates the knife edge
the pump of adrenalin.

Stops our full expression
curdles our life force.

There is treasure
behind the illusion.

What's the combination
that will crack

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt 251 - Safe
Also linked to Writers Island prompt - illusion

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Door inspired by Sunday Scribblings

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt 251 -Eternity

The Door
It seemed an eternity as she waited. Hand poised on the ornate door handle. All she had to do was turn it, just a few inches and it would open and finally she would know for sure. The blood pounded in her ears and her breath came thick and fast. Her palms moist. She could feel the slow wet trickle of sweat down her back bone. Just one push and it would be over. No more secrets, no more lies. The truth would dazzle her with its clarity. She knew that she would either be struck down, blinded by that vivid light, or she would fall to her knees in silent veneration, as all the myriad things that had come before were erased.

Time was ticking in long strong strokes, as seconds tumbled from one precarious moment to the next. And she, she was frozen to the spot. Silent but for the soft murmur of prayer that played over and over like a rhythmic chant. As if all that longing would somehow conjure up the ghosts of the past and bring close all those visions of the future and call to the angels that she knew watched over her. Who waited for her to do the right thing and weeped every time she failed. Tomorrow it would be too late. It was now or never. She blotted out the screaming that was nestled deep within her stomach and shutting her eyes tight, she gathered every last ounce of her strength, and with one mighty push, she opened the door.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Surprise Birthday Party

Her measured steps in crimson walk,
. . . grass and sidewalk, blows with chalk,
Dark asphalt arrows, seem to know,
. . . as white slow smoke begins to grow,
In shadowed sun where children play,
. . . the cool winds blow the clouds away,
Before soft voice whispers, 'do not',
. . . peppermint burns when sipped too hot,
The place alive with birthday surprise,
. . . pits its wits against the days demise,
But it ends with darkness, black as night,
. . . the party's over and we must take flight.

The challenge was to use the words in this wordle to make a new poem
- I think I used them all!
Place, Crimson, Chalk , Winds, Measured, Peppermint, Arrows, Slow, Asphalt, Smoke,Begins, Ends, White, Soft, Children, Burns, Grass, Before, Know, Dark,Flight, Sun, Blows, Grow, Place, Burns, Pits, Sidewalk, Black, Cool,

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Invisible - inspired by Sunday Scribblings

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt 250 - Invisible

Amorphous, I float.
Silver particles shimmering,
bouncing off the uneven ceiling.
The damp patch, a stained map of
some far off continent, where damsels
are saved and the mountains tower
far up into the turreting clouds.
And there ripped into tiny shreds, tissue
confetti lies like apple blossom, the dirty
rug is transformed, and by its side the bed,
the sheets tangled and knotted. Wrapped
and bathed in speckled moonlight
a slender figure sleeps.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

She Won! - Inspired by Saturday Centus

What a tricky one this week! for week 37 of Saturday Centus the prompt is to use up to 25 words! (not including the prompt) using the line "The Lottery Ticket..."

She Won!
The lottery ticket
was the winning one
she could hardly
contain her glee!

but she'd had to miss
all the celebrations
because the excitement
just made her pee!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Harmless - Inspired by Three Word Wednesday

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday this week's prompt words are harmless, moist, yelp


You profess to be harmless
all meringue and scarlet lips
moist and ready to be kissed

and the soft yelp as I peeled the
sticking plaster from your wound
belied the fury that I'd glimpsed

It pays to be able to play a part
when laying on the cold, cold floor
the gun you toted, is still warm


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Observation inspired by Thursday Think Tank

Inspired by the Thursday Think Tank prompt 30 Observation.
From the brief -Observations: Attention to Detail - How often do we look beyond the surface? There is so much we miss out on in life at a quick glance; so much that we tend to never see or we do see but pay little attention to it later. For this prompt, it is all about paying close attention to detail...

O b s e r v a t i o n
It's there in tiny detail...
a criss cross map, aged,
the crackles and lines blue
of the palest kind, wandering
across the fragile surface, a
landscape dotted with trees,
a babbling brook, and the sad
looking man by the meandering
lane that winds itself toward
the arched doorway, where
a woman stands waiting,
unaware that I am holding
their world, etched into
the crazed porcelain
of a broken bowl.

I wrote this about a broken piece of old pottery, its glaze crackled with age, and in those tiny criss cross lines a picture formed, a scene appeared before my eyes...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thank You - Inspired by Three Word Wednesday

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday this week's prompt words are plausible, taint, willingly


You made the dreams
of great escapes and
daring adventures
seem plausable.

You willingly gave
your attention
to my outlandish plans
and hare brained schemes.

You never once tried
to taint my enthusiasm
with the stinging sense
of what life held in store.

You believed in me
and let me run wild
clutching the ideas
that would save me.

You kept me from
being buried alive
under a reality that
was too heavy to bear.

I thank you for that.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Not The Only One - Magpie Tales 47

Inspired by this weeks Magpie Tales and the photo below.

We are all connected.
We can run from that realisation
or we can embrace it
and accept the knowledge
that we're not the only one
who's treading water out there
in that big black ocean.

Every single splash, every dive
creates ripples in the waves, and
when you feel yourself going under
sinking, flailing, gasping for breath,
there are hands you could reach for.

We are all connected at the core,
nothing exists in isolation.

We need to find the courage
to hold out our arms and
scream for help.

If we all pulled together
we could save so many
from drowning.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Maybe Next Year - inspired by Week 35 of Saturday Centus

Week 35 of Saturday Centus the prompt is to use up to 100 words (not including the prompt) using the line "Her crumpled up list of resolutions..."

Hmm, maybe next year
. . .
Her crumpled up list of resolutions
was hastily thrown on the fire. . .
catching alight it crackled and burned
the flames couldn't reach any higher.

She didn't need all of those changes
that had filled that long daunting list
she was practically perfect in every way
he had told her so as they'd kissed.

She decided she would believe him
because she knew that he wasn't a fake
besides it would be so much easier
if she didn't have to stop eating cake!

So the resolutions were forgotten
and they carried on as before
the diet could wait just another year
they could always reinforce the floor!

(exactly 100 words)

A Very Happy New Year To You!
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