Thursday, 30 June 2011

Everything Blossoms - Everything Blooms . . .

Here by the side of the summer still pond

I sit among the long grass and tumbled stones

Soft humming and birdsong wrap me in sound

In the soft deep water I see the running clouds

Pink tinged and joyful, the sky reflection speaks

Sparkles of sunlight dance on the dark glass water

Rich with blue green life, the algae blooms. . .

Written in response to this lovely image by Jinksy
and for Two in Tandem at Alias Jinksy

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

All at Sea. . .Inspired by the Sunday Whirl wordle

Inhaling the shape

of her whirling copper grace

he stood stock still in the silent shade

His hastily flung kisses

hard echoes, flitting across the surface

of the patient waiting sands

and the haze of his bright longing

shimmered and danced

like quick spilt pepper

This is my fourth week joining in with The Sunday Whirl wordle.

I managed to use all of the words. :-)

And Now I Can Fly. . .

Oh and it was right there
in front of my eyes
as if in a dream. . .

Its white wings spread
and it took flight
carrying me. . .

Up into the endless blue
this winged being and I
unfettered we flew. . .

This bird from within
and the child in me
alive and as one. . .

We soared. . .

Written in response to this haunting image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling
(for Tuesday collab no.8)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Exchanging Unseen Gifts

I give to you a maple leaf
a yellow button
a stone
The leaf is a jewel
the button a sun
the stone a mountain

You give to me a diamond ring
a designer dress
a phone
The ring is a promise
the dress a statement
the phone a voice

I give to you a birds soft feather
a cockle shell
a glove
The feather is my embrace
the shell my ear
the glove my hand

You give to me a large house
a beautiful garden
a dove
The house is a sanctuary
the garden my freedom
a dove - your love

For Sunday Scribblings prompt - Give

Not autobiographical - though I wouldn't mind the large house. ;-) This one just 'arrived.'

Friday, 24 June 2011

Carried on the breeze. . .

Written in response to this lovely image by Jinksy at Alias Jinksy

In the shade of the autumn trees
I stand amidst the leafy bower. . .
dappled with copper, my sanctuary
from the boisterous sun, bouncing
from the surface of the windblown
water, throwing turquoise up into
my waiting eyes. I take a breath,
inhaling the scent of yesterday. . .

Thursday, 23 June 2011

As Within, So Without. . .

Written in response to this glorious image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling

With the storm now passed

and my world washed clean

my eyes are opened wide

and I see, as if newborn

a landscape resurrected

my inner world reflected

my tarnished hope reborn

right up there in the sky

and it is beautiful


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Remember. . .

Written in response to this lovely image by Jinksy at Alias Jinksy
...also for the prompt Beach/Ocean at the Thursday Think Tank

. . . I remember . . .

the sea green silhouette,
of your back's strong curve.

. . . Soaring seagulls . . .

arced white wings
splitting the endless blue.

. . . The light in your eyes . . .

my sun warmed hand,
secure in yours.

. . . Tumbled sea glass . . .

treasure from the surf,
more precious than sapphires.


The colours in this one reminded me of time spent on out of season empty beaches in Cornwall many years ago. That special light, the flat turquoise ocean, the soft golden sand, and all the treasures we collected from the waters edge. Most precious were the pieces of sea tumbled glass, their edges worn smooth and their delicate colours, greens, blues, lilacs, like jewels in my hand. I still have them. . . and the memories.

Letting Go. . .

I see

the thread,

and it is beginning

to unravel.

One pull

and the mask

she is wearing

will be in tatters.

She needs to get a grip.

I leap to my feet


to protect her


to be her shield


one look

at her flashing black eyes

tells me that she

would prefer

to handle it


Yet another lesson in letting go.

For three word wednesday - prompt words - thread, grip, prefer,

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Creation. . .

Written in response to this lovely image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling


Thick wet paper
waits like snow
eager for your colour

Soft bristled brush
holding purple
drinks your hues

Anticipating the moment
when two things meet
and both are transformed


Brush touches paper


. . . S P R E A D S . . .

like stars - exploding - in distant galaxies

like beautiful flowers - bursting - into bloom

In that moment
of alchemy

Something new
has been


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sitting - Watching - Sitting

This is my second week joining in with The Sunday Whirl Wordle.

(Image by Susannah Bec)

S I T T I N G - W A T C H I N G - S I T T I N G

Lotus position
held their torsos
kinship found
in this space

No need for stories
strange, alluring
on her face
Monkey mind
devious chatter
stillness makes
the body sleep

Bold assumptions
now retreating
wish fulfillment
cutting deep
Inner worlds
no less enchanting
a sense of peace
residing there

This vast silence
so inspiring
Sunlight glinting
on her hair. . .

The word lotus immediately took me to the lotus position and meditation. I had a vision of someone watching a group of people in a meditation class, perhaps a man waiting for his girlfriend - hence - Sitting - Watching - Sitting. The sitting part of the title and the words in black are about the meditators/meditation and the parts in purple (watching) are the voice of the man waiting, the one watching. I hope that explanation doesn't sound too confusing!

The words this week are - Alluring, Stories, Strange, Bold, Lotus, Sleep, Wish, Kinship, Devious, Torsos, Enchanting, Inspiring. - I used them all, I have only just realised that I didn't HAVE to! That will make life easier next time. :-)

Above Image - copyright Susannah Bec 2008

Friday, 10 June 2011


.Inspired by Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt - Animal

My love was a tiger
it chased you down
and ate you, raw

It consumed you, limb by limb
lingering over your eyes
relishing your beating heart

You became part of my body
ingested and nutritious
you fed my desire

Striped and sated, I slept
your sweet life still pulsing
inside my belly . . .


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Yearning for Trees . . .

Written in response to this wonderful image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling

Y E A R N I N G for T R E E S
(to be read aloud)

Oh to be inside that shady bower
where nature holds my hand
where every type of verdant thing
is growing on the land

I long to be amongst the trees
wrapped around with green
breathing in that woodland smell
basking in the scene

To feel that dancing energy
to hear those rustling leaves
to be part of the great tapestry
that mother nature weaves

My first response yet again. . . I loved the picture, I could feel the shimmering energy that nature abounds in. - And I love trees and woodland - can you tell? :-)

Sunday, 5 June 2011


My first time participating at a wordling whirl.
I am afraid the words triggered something rather....


I spin and undulate
ignoring the murmurs
of my conscience

immersed in this moment
nothing in common
but our lust

my gaudy heart
in your purple glow
sparkles unafraid

as it burrows deep down
into the inky abyss
of your love

(This poem was written using these words: murmurs, inky, purple, undulate, abyss, glow, gaudy, unafraid, common, heart, burrows.)
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