Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Letting Go. . .

I see

the thread,

and it is beginning

to unravel.

One pull

and the mask

she is wearing

will be in tatters.

She needs to get a grip.

I leap to my feet


to protect her


to be her shield


one look

at her flashing black eyes

tells me that she

would prefer

to handle it


Yet another lesson in letting go.

For three word wednesday - prompt words - thread, grip, prefer,


Sheilagh Lee said...

letting go is always hard .

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I like the unravelling thread you created in the lines themselves. Skillful...

Christine said...

Yes this is so true, my heart says hold on with a tight grip, letting go is hard.

Altonian said...

This is very good - so much truth in there.

Jae Rose said...

Must be hard to watch an unravelling..maybe harder than unravelling yourself..I think those strong eyes will see her through..Jae

Arianna said...

Beautiful poem. Letting go is always a difficult choice...

Susannah said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, they are much appreciated. :-)

trisha said...

well written, wise and witty. :)

you truly utilized the theme words to create a fantastic poem.


Elizabeth said...

Love the poem, but especially those eyes. They hold a wealth of promise. Letting go releases us to receive even more.


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