Monday, 20 September 2010

Clean - Sunday Scribblings #233

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt 233 - clean

I have been dirty

but now I am clean

I have been invisible

but now I am seen

I have been confused

but now I am clear

I have been far away

but now I am near

I have been my ego

but now I'm my soul

I was broken in pieces

but now - I am whole

For more on the subject of clean - read my Magpie tale
- it seems to be a trending topic this week!

Image - Susannah Bec


Flying Monkey said...

Simple but powerful. Like :-)

RavenQuills said...

So much said in so little! I agree with Flying Monkey. This was very, VERY powerful. You have a way with words! :] I especially liked the repetition of the sentence structure. It helped form a rhythm.

Keep up the good work!

Americanising Desi said...

you have the power to be simple and yet explain everything perfectly

better clean than careful

Deborah said...

I love this, the structure of the poem really adds to the power of the poem ... brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Full of meaning, and smooth, soothing cadence

Jae Rose said...

what a perfectly crisp and clean on! thanks for your vist..Jae

gautami tripathy said...


my monkey reads you well

Jenny said...

Susannah, I like this. It reminded me so much of "Amazing Grace". I think it could be set to music beautifully.

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