Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Blossom Time

Inspired by this beautiful image from jinksy and for In Tandem #4

There was always magic,
when the blossom came.

Confetti strewn petals,
rode on the breeze.

Fluttered in the air,
like snow flakes.

That sweet fragrance,
captivated me. . .

and made each day
a fairytale.

Somehow the world
was changed.

No longer

It was intoxicating.
It was transcendant.

There was always magic,
when the blossom came.



Jinksy said...

Thank you! Blossom was exactly what this picture said to me, too. White petals drifting down like snow...Might have known you'd get the picture.♥ :)

Ann Grenier said...

Oh, such relaxing sounds and images. A lovely interpretation of the prompt. I never gave a thought to confetti, but it is so obvious to me now.

vivinfrance said...

Susannah, this is refreshing on a gloomy day, whemn the flowers are hanging their heads.

Laurie Kolp said...

This piece is meditative and uplifting. It's amazing how our moods coincide with nature.

Susannah said...

Thanks everybody. :-) This was such a lovely image to work from.

Good to see you all. x

Margaret said...

... I suppose that is true for everyone but allergy sufferers. :) Very nice, sweet poem. Makes me want to go and draw and paint the pretty flowers before fall sets in...

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