Sunday, 24 July 2011

When Morning Comes . . .

Written for the Sunday Whirl - Wordle 14

I scan the night drawn curtains.

Searching for bright chinks,

cat claws, in the cloth armour

woven against darkness.

Flecks of speckled light bear witness

as visions wide net is cast adrift, to wander

over the newly minted sky.

A marvel, rendered in golds and yellow.

Low, scattered, broad brushstroke clouds,

gild the masterpiece with skeins of silver

and soft ribbons of the palest pink.

I blink three times at this visual feast,

layed out before my night weary

and unaccustomed eyes.

As if to capture it.

Commit it to memory.

Etch it into my being.

Midnights anxiety,


in the face of such beauty.

I twist my hair carefully,

pulling it back from my face.

I fasten it with a silver clip.

Reaching out,

I press the button

just as the alarm clock,

begins to whir. . .

To tell the truth I was daunted by this wordle, on first glance reprehensible, rendered and marvel just didn't seem like something I could or would usually use. But I managed to perservere and use all the words. Phew! LOL


Anonymous said...

I feel the leap from the very particular and specific to the whole. You capture the moment well.

Victoria said...

Yes, these words challenged me too. You made a beautiful poem of the sunrise. I especially like the beauty making "midnight's anxiety reprehensible".

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I had a most relaxed meander through your words. Very nicely expressed as a wordle.

Best wishes, Eileen

anjum artwriter said...

Beautiful flow of images feelings and enjoyment one can feel as one reads along, I did not stop till the very last word.Its a lovely poem well structured and really effective usage of the given words.

Mike Patrick said...

I'll say you used all the words, and you wrung every drop of color, feeling and emotion out of them. You did a wonderful job.

flaubert said...

Lovely take on the words, Susannah.


Jingle said...

well done,
what a challenge, you made it well.

do feel free to share your poetry with us today.,

random poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome, we are open now, week 45 theme: nature and life.

Old Ollie said...

"cat claws, in the cloth" armour...this is my cool...totally greta line, and poem!

Marianne said...

Eloquently beautiful poem, Susannah! I took the words in a similar, but different, direction. I didn't think I would get reprehensible or rendered in either!

Daydreamertoo said...

It does seem quite daunting at times eh!
You did a great job of using them and what a lovely night scene you painted. Lovely~!

Irene said...

Beautiful dreamscape!

Traci B said...

Beautifully done, Susannah. You brought us into the room with you and shared that wonderful sunrise with us. Well written. :)

Laurie Kolp said...


I especially like:

Low, scattered, broad brushstroke clouds,

gild the masterpiece with skeins of silver

and soft ribbons of the palest pink.

Elizabeth said...

Love the cat claws in cloth armour and immediately thought of your photo for I Saw Sunday with your wonderful pet staring out the window. You may think you had trouble with these words, but all that happened was you waited for them to tell you how to use them to their best advantage. Thank you for doing so. Your imagery is fantastic and I could see it and feel it. Great job, Susannah,


Susannah said...

Thanks everyone. :-)

Anonymous said...

This was lovely, Susannah. I saw every moment, every color. I know what you mean about the word "reprehensible," and that's the word that drew me to write about Norway.

Great stuff, my dear. Amy

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