Thursday, 21 July 2011

In silence we hear the whispers

Don't ask, don't say.
Everything lies in silence.

We inhabit these
silent chapels of self
they are flooded with the light
of our own awareness (or not)

A slanted shaft of illumination
stained with all we have been
all we have seen
glass still intact
vibrant colours
now fading. . .

But we are haunted
by hushed whispers

long empty echoes
just reverberations
of our own forgotten

Don't ask, don't say.
Everything lies in silence.

Written for Real Toads. Inspired by the fortune cookie (in italics)


Kerry O'Connor said...

Your words are very haunting, and interesting to read a different interpretation of the 'fortune'.

Robert Lloyd said...

Wow you took this poem n a different direction that I would have done myself. That is not a bad thing though. I loved it. I really love the the second stanza with it's (or not)at the end. It too me struck a chord in that there are always some who are oblivious. To me this poem was very visual. In the end I actually saw an old church or chapel and saw the faded stained glass windows. I also saw the old people inside. Thank you for such a wonderful read. It may just inspire me to write this morning time permitting.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Haunting" is the word I came away with, too. Wow, Susannah, wonderful writing! "hushed whispers of our own forgotten voice" - so powerful.

Susannah said...

Thanks everyone.

This still feels really unfinished to me, as though it needs something to bring it all together?

I like the 'idea' but it doesn't have the flow or the 'ah, I'm finished' feel. In fact the end has changed two or three times since I posted it.

I don't usually 'let things go' until I am at peace with them, but I suppose I was in a rush to join in! :-)

Jinksy said...

In answer to your question - I'd probably be tempted to repeat the first two line at the end, if that's any help?

Loved these lines especially...

A slanted shaft of illumination
stained with all we have been
all we have seen

Susannah said...

I think you are right Jinksy! I shall do that now - thank you. :-) x

Ella said...

I love the church references, the fight of self n' soul~ I loved how you painted it and gave me a chill~

Susannah said...

Thanks Ella. :-)

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