Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Full Moon

Written for the Tues collab #9 inspired by this image by Elizabeth at Unravelling.


Oh beautiful moon reflector of light,
our faithful satellite, queen of the night.

Puller of tides, calm watcher of sleep,
ruler of water and things that go deep.

Pale maiden of mystery floating in space,
has us enchanted with each changing face.

Astrological ruler of feelings and home,
she watches over us wherever we roam.

We may find our selves lost and wondering why,
but she is always above us - up there in the sky.


I have no words left to describe the moon,

for she who sails in the heavens, and pulls

and pushes the oceans is not a one for words.

She rules the surges of the heart, the nuances,

the subtleties that the sun and his fierce shining

light may miss. So I am sorry, I have no words

left to describe the moon. . .

Image Moonrise - by Elizabeth Crawford.


Elizabeth said...

Susannah, thanks so much for writing, I deeply appreciate it. I like both pieces here. The first because the full moon always stops me, fascinates me, calms and stills me. The second one because I also know that sense of wonder that there is nothing more to say, just the need to be there with a childlike sense of awe and wonder. And you capture both of those feelings with your words. Thank you.


Mama Zen said...

These are both outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Susannah, these are lovely - first, the formed, second, the free verse. I especially loved the qualities you ascribe to the moon - I've always been a moongazer, stargazer. And my friend, a nurse, told me it's true - at the full moon, there really ARE more babies born! Thanks. Amy

Susannah said...

Thanks very much everyone. x

Jinksy said...

I enjoyed the lilting rhythm in the first, but the second, subtle 'wordless' offering is my favourite.

Susannah said...

Jinksy, I agree with you, I like the second one best too. :-) Good to see you. x

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