Saturday, 22 January 2011

Surprise Birthday Party

Her measured steps in crimson walk,
. . . grass and sidewalk, blows with chalk,
Dark asphalt arrows, seem to know,
. . . as white slow smoke begins to grow,
In shadowed sun where children play,
. . . the cool winds blow the clouds away,
Before soft voice whispers, 'do not',
. . . peppermint burns when sipped too hot,
The place alive with birthday surprise,
. . . pits its wits against the days demise,
But it ends with darkness, black as night,
. . . the party's over and we must take flight.

The challenge was to use the words in this wordle to make a new poem
- I think I used them all!
Place, Crimson, Chalk , Winds, Measured, Peppermint, Arrows, Slow, Asphalt, Smoke,Begins, Ends, White, Soft, Children, Burns, Grass, Before, Know, Dark,Flight, Sun, Blows, Grow, Place, Burns, Pits, Sidewalk, Black, Cool,


Ella said...

Very clever of you; Well Done~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Applause! you used them all! what a cool poem!

vivinfrance said...

Bravo. I didn't manage them all, but took some of the same idea as a started.

Susannah said...

Thanks everyone, it sounds a bit stilted but it is good to try new things and I had fun trying. :-)

flaubert said...

Susannah, I love this poem!
You did a fantastic job.


Susannah said...

Thanks very much Pamela. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Susannah, like the structure, the extended fragments as if one is simply walking through and catching a detail here and there. You used the words to good advantage, especially the peppermint. You appear to be a natural at this.


Susannah said...

Thanks Elizabeth. :-)

Mary said...

Bravo, Susannah. Very nicely done, and I am not a fan of wordles. LOL.

Susannah said...

Thanks Mary. :-)

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