Sunday, 21 November 2010

Silence - written for Sunday 160

Another sunday
with the
of silence
a vast
empty hall
just waiting
for me to break
this quietness
with the sound
of my voice

Written for - Monkey Mans - Sunday 160

where you must use only 160 characters (including spaces) and post on Sunday.

Words and image - Susannah Bec


Brian Miller said...

i dont know wether to break the silence or just rest in it...nice 160...

faith said...

Sometimes silence is golden sometimes not. Nice alliteration!

Claudia said...

oh i like the stardust of silence...just perfect on a sunday..

Monkey Man said...

There is an eriely peaceful feel to this 160. Thank you so much for playing.

You are right about the fly agaric. It typically is a deep woods fungus, but due to all the mulching gets spread in beds everywhere, it too has spread.

gospelwriter said...

"stardust of silence" and only "me to break this quietness" (or not) - a lovely, restful 160

Jingle said...

we do need it at times,
lovely portrayal of that moment.
loved your 160.

David said...

I like it!

Caty said...

i can hear the silent echoes...I have many Sundays like this

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