Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Questions and Answers

Written in response to this wonderful image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling

Did you see the moon
with its one silver eye
as it controlled the tide?

Did you see the moon
hanging up there naked
with nothing left to hide?

Did you see the moon
glowing full and whole
over that surging sea?

Did you see the moon
and its perfect circle
shining down on me?

Yes I saw the moon
up in the velvet sky
and I saw the ocean spray

Yes I saw the moon
and I wondered why
night won over day

Yes I saw the moon
and I saw the ocean
as two halves of a whole

Yes I saw the moon
and yes I saw the ocean
both are mirrored in my soul

Written down straight after looking at the picture, the first line came and I went with it!
Not very polished but a response never the less. :-)


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love this Susannah. Love how you brought it all together for you, me, everyone. Really like how you married the opposites: child like awe with adult wisdom, still cold moon and ever-moving sea, darkness and light, and the absolute vastness of nature mirrored in me, one human being. Thank you for this one,


Susannah said...

I enjoy responding to your images Elizabeth - I give them no thought, just my instinctive response.

I know I got a great deal of benefit years ago from a young friend who used to respond to my abstract paintings that way, as I recognised the truth of what he had seen in my image and it helped me to understood more about what my images were trying to convey.

It was sometimes uncanny that he would describe something he saw or felt from my image and it was like he was describing a scene from my life. It was as though he had 'decoded' a message - fascinating!

Thanks for your kind words and for triggering that memory for me. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Susannah, I love your story. I used to respond to images posted by an old friend, not one but many that centered around a theme of one sort or another. And they often had the affect of which you speak. The words would start whispering and I would simply follow. Now, it is my images that are inspiring that same movement. I am the sea, being moved by the light of the moon. And so are you. Wonderful,


Jinksy said...

The waves of your imagination certainly break on the shores of mine! Your question and answer approach encapsulated the sense of wonder and mystery that the moon always inspires - big smiles at my end. :)

Susannah said...

Thanks Jinksy. :-)

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