Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Subconscious . . .

Written in response to this wonderful image by Elizabeth Crawford at Unraveling

Deep down
beneath the surface
where the forgotten things are kept

Just visible
there in the dark shady depths
they live, awaiting recognition, rememberance

for illumination
Just waiting for us to see the light

I felt I could see figures and faces in the depths of this picture, and as I think of the subconscious as a vast ocean - I followed that thought. . . It is all there under the surface, just awaiting the light of our consciousness to illuminate it.


Jinksy said...

I like the way the lower your words went, the lighter they became - exact opposite to the colours on the image. That was clever and illuminating in another way, too. :) Do feel free to take any of my images too- or email me if you'd like me to send you a selection to choose from :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, wow! Love what you found in the image. And also agree with what you see. Jinksy saw an underwater world, I saw a woods at dusk, and you are reminded of the subconscious with all of its shadows and definitions alive and well. This promises to be fun. Thanks so much for joining in,


Susannah said...

I really enjoyed it and I am glad you could identify with what I saw. :-)

Jinksy said...

I came back to have another read, and the lines 'where the forgotten things are kept' and 'just waiting to see the light' are such an exact way of describing those things we know without knowing, that they made me smile - again! I did the first time I read them, too! :) It's like you, Elizabeth and I have opened three different doors into the same room...

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