Friday, 11 February 2011

The Road Was a Spiral - Theme Thursday

Written for Theme Thursday and the prompt 'Spiral'


The girl sat there silent

and thought of the way

that the circular path

she walked every day

bought her back home

to that familiar place

and that every return

showed a different face.

The road was a spiral

the bridges were burned

and she felt so much wiser

each time she returned.


Betty said...

I like your poetry. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Susannah said...

Thanks very much Betty. :-)

Nanka said...

That was so beautiful and made a lot of sense too!! Its only experiences in life that make you bolder and wiser!!

Susannah said...

Hi Nanka, yes that is true isn't it, we need those experiences. Thanks very much for your visit and comment. :-)

California Girl said...

Susannah, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

I very much like your TT poem. It's clean and simple and sweet says a great deal in a short bit of space.

Susannah said...

California girl. thank you. :-)

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