Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Choice - inspired by Three Word Wednesday

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday this week's prompt words are dabble, lean, utter.


She could no longer bring herself
to utter his name
or let the galloping wild horses
of her impatience
continue to assign the blame
for it was she
who chose
to dabble
with glass
and with darkness
and the cracks in the curtains
just made her lean further
away from
the light


Michael Solender said...

light and lyrical, nice use of the prompts.

Nanka said...

Yes so true!! It is the choices that we make which ultimately makes us or breaks us.

Nice poem!!

Lilibeth said...

rather intriguing backdrop here for a deeper story...

jaerose said...

Hmm..'dabbling with glass' that makes me wonder what she is up to and why the outside world is retreating..a fine brew of darkness..Jae ;)

gautami tripathy said...

Like the depth in it!

dead man and his shoe painting

Deborah said...

Brilliantly written and a joy to read as always.

giovannicucullo said...

Yes Yes Yes...the choice is always ours. Always a pleasure stopping by your site!

ThomG said...

really liked how you tied it all up in the ending.

Kim Nelson said...

Great character description. I know her!

R.S. Bohn said...

Beautiful, Susannah! This one inspired me to read it aloud. It also begs the question of what has happened, exactly. Nicely done, intriguing read, and I'm getting a "pissed off" vibe from your narrator, which I like.

aldersprig said...


Well-done, good use of rhyme, and I want to know more of the story!

lalita choudhary said...


Jingle Poetry said...

smart take..
no blame game..
Happy Holidays.

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