Sunday, 27 March 2011



Such a potent word.

Full of what might have been.

Almost, but not quite.

Just a little more

One more push.

So close.


Sunday Scribblings


gautami tripathy said...

Nothing nearly about the perfect little verse!

limitless space

Lisa said...

That's the same take I had on the prompt. Is nearly enough?

oldegg said...

This little poem reminded me so much of urging my children on to achieve just little tasks and the joy on their faces as they did so.

Catherine Denton said...

"Full of what might have been" - your short poem spilled meaning.
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Cynthia M said...

So simple yet speaking volumes...well written :)

jaerose said...

The shape of your poem is like a bulb emerging from the soil..pushing it's way up and up..lovely post..always pays to keep trying..Jae :)

Meryl said...

Nearly, the teasing of almost! Your post makes me think in lyrics now. Thank you.

Great post.

Kylie said...

Fabulous. Love the shape.

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