Tuesday, 5 April 2011

In Trafalger Square - for the real toads

In Trafalgar Square we sat,
young lovers on cold steps.
Pigeons swooped and swirled
and pecked around our feet.
There amidst the tourists,
the bird shit, and the
hastily scattered seed,
we only had eyes
for each other.

(a true story.)


Deborah said...


Susannah said...

Thanks Deb. :-)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Funny, I've walked in Trafalgar Square with someone I once loved... how your words have given that day back to me.

Thank you for participating in the challenge.

Susannah said...

Thanks Kerry. :-)

Yes, this challenge bought back similar memories for me too.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Sigh! You kids remind me that romance does, in fact, exist Somewhere Out There. Beautiful poem........love among the pigeons........

Susannah said...

Sherry, romance is always alive! :-)

Though this memory was from nearly 25 years ago - gulp, that has made me feel old. lol

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